Blog Post #6

Executive Summary: The article “Cause Marketing in Sports” by Chris Conway takes a look at cause marketing within sports. According to Conway’s article, cause marketing is seen as marketing communications utilizing a non-profit cause. Basically it is sponsorship of a non-profit organization and has become a popular way of marketing for sports marketers. Cause marketing creates many benefits for sports organizations including attracting a larger number of fans. This article discusses why sports marketers should use cause marketing and the results it will bring.


Three Key Takeaways:

The first key takeaway for sports marketers is that cause marketing communicates a powerful message. Non-profit organizations are able to reach a large amount of people and create brand awareness. These organizations can send a message about cancer research, supporting children, and/or supporting developing countries that many people will see. Hopefully the fans that see these messages will feel the need to contribute to the cause. This is important for sports marketers because they can find great sponsorships with non-profit organizations and work together to send an important message for fans to see. Cause marketing isn’t revolved around making millions of dollars rather sending a message to millions of people and that’s what sports marketers can provide.

The second key takeaway from this article is that cause marketing creates a better attitude from fans about the team. Sports marketers can show fans that the team cares about the community and this might attract fans to cheer for their team because they are supporting certain causes outside of the playing field. Sports marketers can make a certain percentage of sales or ticket profits to go directly to the non-profit organization that sponsors them. This will make fans feel good about making purchases and going to the game because they know they are also supporting the non-profit organization. This is also good for sports marketers because it will improve the organization’s image and bring in loyal fans while also differentiating themselves from other teams that do not do this.

The final key takeaway is that cause marketing makes more of an impact compared to marketing sports and entertainment alone. This is important for sports marketers because they can take advantage of this to generate greater awareness for the non-profit organization and support for their team. Cause marketing creates different opportunities than regularly marketing sports and has great results for the organizations involved. This article points out that cause marketing and sports partnership is definitely here to stay and more and more teams are getting involved in it. It is an exciting and different way for sports marketers to engage fans and an opportunity to impact the community.


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