Blog Post #5

Executive Summary:

Michael Krigsman’s article, “Sports marketing and technology with the New England Patriots” looks at how fans have made sports teams provide more content, data, and statistics to keep them engaged. Teams depend on fans to generate revenue and keep the sport going so sports marketers are constantly trying to meet the fans’ wants. Sports marketers are forced to dig deeper to enhance the stadium experience and how technology can help make that happen. Krigsman discusses ways the New England Patriots and other organizations have used technology to improve their relationship with fans.


Three Key Takeaways:
The first key takeaway for sports marketers is that wireless infrastructure is a must within the stadium. This allows fans to easily use their mobile devices and gives the chance for the team to use data and improve the stadium experience. This is important for sports marketers because they must create more of an enjoyable stadium experience compared to the couch at home for fans. Having fans in the crowd increases merchandise and concession revenue. Wireless infrastructure also allows fans to see news and statistics within the stadium that they cannot find if they were at home watching the game.

The second key takeaway from this article is that the mobile apps teams use can provide additional information about the fans as far as preferences and content. This is important for sports marketers because they can see what features fans really enjoy. Sports marketers get the chance to survey fans and get instant feedback about the in-stadium experience and can decide what they need to improve on. Sports marketers need to always be a step ahead so fans will prefer coming to the game rather than watching it in the comfort of their own home.

The last key takeaway is that fans are essentially the team’s stakeholders. Sports marketers should continuously be creating value for them because sports rely heavily on fans. It is key that teams design goals for interacting with fans like the New England Patriots do. This way they can know what fans do so it is easier to find out what to give them. Data and analytics are important in finding out what is best to provide the fan with and make a great stadium experience. Sports marketers should constantly be working on the ongoing relationship with fans and keep track of their expectations.


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