Blog Post #4

Executive Summary: Chris Conway’s article, “The Powerful Reach of Sports Marketing” looks at the challenge brands have to reach consumers. This article explains how sports help brands reach consumers effectively because of its unpredictable drama which keeps fans tuned in even through commercials. Fans’ passion and with sports being so compelling makes it easy for brands to reach consumers especially through sponsorships. This article looks at several ways sports marketers can efficiently connect with consumers and what they should consider.


Three Key Takeaways:

One key point from this article for sports marketers is about the effectiveness of sponsorships. As Boutros, vice president for communications and controller of marketing at Emirates Airlines said sponsorships is the best medium to reach people’s emotion and interest. By sponsoring a sport or events the brand can create an active campaign to interact with the brand. This allows for a stronger message to be sent to the consumers. This is key for sports marketers because they can see how effective sponsorships can be and should always try to enhance sponsorships for sporting events. Sports marketers should also note that spending for sponsorships of sports is expected to rise in the future because of the great opportunity to create a loyal following.

The second key takeaway is that sports marketers should consider is that sports should be part of an integrated campaign. This means there should be an overall marketing strategy for the campaign for a local and global scale that is executed. Each market and region should have a plan tailored to that segment. This is important for sports marketers to realize because just having a single campaign for multiple regions and markets is not good enough and should emphasized the important things for those regions and markets. Ensuring an integrated campaign would be key for sports marketers to optimize the amount of consumers that respond to the campaign in the way they want.

The last key takeaway from this article for sports marketers is that sports are not only about the young male/female involved in the sport. If you look beyond the athlete, there are parents that support the athlete and make purchases for him/her. It is important for sports marketers to realize they cannot just focus on the athlete but need to tailor the ad to the people making the purchases for them as well. Also, it is key to know that males are not the only ones watching sports anymore as there has been an increase in the percentage of women watching sports. This means sports marketers need to take their consideration when campaigning to gain their appeal as well. By doing these things sports marketers can run much more successful campaigns and reach a wider range of consumers.


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