Blog Post #3

Executive Summary:

The article “Soccer and Snacks Score Together” by Joe Favorito looks at a new partnership between Mondelez International and Soccer United Marketing. Mondelez brands (which include Trident gum, Oreos, Chips Ahoy, Ritz, and Sour Patch Kids) have teamed up with some of the United States biggest soccer personalities in hopes of reaching more customers. Favorito’s article focuses on several reasons the partnership makes sense and will be successful.


Three Key Takeaways:

One key point from this article is that this partnership will make sense because of the cross-gender. In Clint Dempsey, Alex Morgan, and Omar Gonzalez the brand has three big stars in soccer who can bring awareness to millions of soccer fans in the U.S. Soccer is a very big cross-gender sport where both genders have high visibility. This helps the brand reach many different groups like the soccer mom and soccer fan. This is a key takeaway for sports marketers because soccer is a big cross-gender sport which can really help your brand reach millions of potential customers with marketable faces. This example is important for marketers so they recognize that maximizing the number of people to make your brand aware to is very important to attract new groups of customers.

The second key takeaway is that sports marketers should consider the credibility and culture of a sport they partner up with. Soccer in America has taken all the right measures to grow in this country and has many marketable faces. Also, it is a sport that children play all the time and allows for their parents to be targeted for buying snacks. The multi-cultural aspect of soccer creates another advantage for marketers by allowing them to target Hispanics as well. Sports marketers should keep these things in mind when deciding to partner with a brand and the numerous benefits it creates for them so they can optimize their target market.

The last takeaway from this article is about digital and traditional media. This is important for sports marketers because both partners get to extend their brand and reach more customers. Soccer players can now be featured in Super Bowls ads and Mondelez can market both moms and kids actively. The several million followers Oreo has on Facebook give soccer a huge boost after promotions hit because so many people will see it. This partnership is a big win for the soccer brand in America so much more people are exposed to it and is also a big win for snack foods because soccer fans will be much more aware of it. Sports marketers should always be on a look out for rare partnerships like this that creates huge advantages for both sides.


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