Blog Post #1

Executive Summary:

The article “The Passion of the Fan: Consumers want more from their sports brands…more digital content, more entertainment, more fun” by Stuart Feil takes an in depth look at what sports fans are looking for and how sports marketers can strategize to meet their wants. Feil’s article discusses how digital media has changed fan’s expectations and they are constantly looking for new content. Fans want to add their input on sport’s discussions and digital media provides several outlets for fans to express their opinion. This article provides a couple ways sports marketers can embrace this trend and how to keep fans entertained in their sport and/or team even after the final whistle.


Three Key Takeaways:

The first key point that can be taken away from this article is that fans under the age of 35 are now interacting with sports through social media instead of receiving information from newspapers, magazines, and radio. This has made sports franchises to enhance their content so fans can get up to the minute news. The articles uses examples of how the NBA passed 1 billion views on its YouTube channel for game highlights. Also, set a record 280 million page views in a day on online and mobile platforms for the playoffs. This is a key takeaway for sports marketers because this is the new trend and is the best way to market to fans. This information can be used to focus on posting content to social media outlets and allowing fans to enter the discussion.

The second key point from this article is that sports marketers should create sports advocates. The article talks about “superfans” who are dedicated fans that use social media frequently for news, insights, and share information about their teams. This is an important takeaway because marketers can share exclusive content with the superfan for them to repost in social networks to gain points which can be used for merchandise, tickets, etc. This is very beneficial because the article uses an example that shows for every 5,000 people that do this, it reaches about 1 million people on social channels. This allows for many people to view this content and join the team’s community. I believe this is very important for sports marketers because this is an easy and quick way to extend the team’s image and gets fans involved.

The final key takeaway from this article is that it is crucial to keep fans entertained. Fans are constantly turning to the internet for more content to get closer to their teams and players they watch. Even after the final whistle, sports marketers must provide fans a way to stay engaged. The article has an example of a YouTube “documentary” which sent viewers to watch the full video and had them intrigued. This is important for sports marketers because it creates a form of branded sports entertainment and let fans see their favorite players outside of the field/court. Games and contests are also key points to this concept because it provides another sponsorship opportunity and helps build the team’s brand. Sports marketers can ask fans questions about who will be the top scorer, what will the final score be, or what place will teams get. This gives fans another incentive to watch the sporting events and enhance their experience. This is an important takeaway for sports marketers because these are great examples of how to increase your brand. It also helps them solve the issue of how to keep fans entertained 24/7 and talking about the team.


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